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My name is Jevan Pipitone. My interests are shown below.
  • Music: Playing jazz piano, doing jazz singing & choir and karaoke, electronic music composition in FL Studio
  • Dancing, making youtube videos, acting & theatre especially improvisation, creative writing & poetry, art (pencil drawing, watercolour pencil, and especially making digital art), photography, debating, discussion of topics
  • Science Ideas, Research - creating documents of a summary of journal papers or content I find on the internet followed by a discussion of my thoughts on it and any ideas it triggers
  • Contributing to open source computer software or computer programming of self-initiated projects
  • Engineering (electrical/mechanical/systems), 3d animation
  • My qualifications involve mainly C#.NET, WPF, WinForms, Microsoft Visual Studio, VB.NET, Creating Desktop PC Applications, ASP.NET Webpages, MySql, MS Sql from my Master of Information Technology (IT) in Software Engineering (computer programming) amongst other IT qualifications.

Photo of Jevan Pipitone My photo is included here. I am presently interested in hearing about any ideas for what I can do involving any of the above topics. For example, websites, discussion forums, etc that I might like to post anything I make in the above topics that I can receive feedback about it, and suggestions for what I can do generally. My workflow is something along the lines of Create-Display-Feedback and then it iterates with new things to do from the feedback. Some aspects about me:
  • Usually everything I do is for free as a volunteer, including self-employment business activities that I manage as a volunteer, or if I work for an employer as a volunteer. I am even offering job agencies that they can charge their clients fees for my time which they keep 100% of them so that I get to be a volunteer still, since it doesn't work for me to earn money from business activities or from employment or from anything.
  • I was a computer genius as a child, because I created nontrivial computer programs.
  • Everything I do is work. Even chatting to people, it's work, because it makes people happier to have someone to chat with, or whatever happens, there is something to be learnt from it. Even buying lunch is work, because I can provide feedback on the meal and store. Even doing nothing is work, because I can provide feedback on how to meditate, or if I listen to music, I can provide feedback on the song I am listening to, and it gives me ideas to create songs.
  • I do a lot of different things, and it helps other people because they can see what I have done and it helps them.
  • I also sometimes pay other people to do things for me, to get input from other people, and I am also interested in giving tasks to volunteers that can work for me; anything I do, is helpful to people, since anyone can learn from it
  • When I have money (which usually only comes from centrelink), I am able to give people ideas for how it can be spent, or how it can be invested, so even money is work.
  • Hopefully you can feel like you want to help me, you can see my perspective.
My highest qualification is Master of Information Technology in Software Engineering. Master of Information Technology in Software Engineering Qualification