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5. Recent Ideas

Some recent ideas I have thought of, that you may be interested in:

  1. As you know, mass attracts to other mass, by the gravitational law of physics. I think that's why we have gravity. But what I was thinking is that if you could make an extremely dense object (high amount of mass packed into a small space, like with a black hole), or even two of them, on your spaceship, then it might provide a force between them that could cause propulsion. I was even thinking if you can focus the gravitational waves then you could have one in space orbit and one on the ground, and then cause them to attract to each other thus causing the craft to move from the ground into space.
  2. Could make a mobile app for pictionary with description of the card text, and a picture sketch (small file) (iphone, android, windows phone 7)
  3. Could have a product search tablet at end of one row in supermarket. to search for items by name and it shows which row it's in and which end of the row (or middle).
  4. Shopping trolley with built in scanner to keep a total of purchases
  5. Computer program to do an image to image math map, multiply by sine wave as goes up in x or y coordinate. what would this do to the image?
  6. Freeware business name generator software. freeware business ideas generator software
  7. Shop device transfers receipt for purchase to mobile app, later transferred to pc, option still available for a printed receipt
  8. Online web based repair of video files such as xvid ".avi" files (option to download software for offline use but not required)
  9. Track where patients and staff are in mental health building with rf (radiofrequency) wristbands triangulate and calibrate to known locations (aim for centimeter accuracy, gps wouldn't be accurate enough)
  10. Maybe if you video or audio record every social (friends) event that involves someone autistic, then they take home the video and watch it and it could help them improve?
  11. Photography tours of canberra
  12. 3d printers could lay down non stick filler in some regions for support that is later removed
  13. E-book physical shop? How would people look at the e-books there so they can decide if they want to buy it, how would they receive the item (eg gives you a receipt with an email link on it and code number to type in, when you get home)
  14. Mass mp3 kbps (quality) change utility, decreases only, all to new amount, saves each file as a new filename with its new kbps added to the end of the filename eg mysong.mp3 becomes mysong_128kbps.mp3
  15. Presentation format that can be played on a desktop pc that contains audio and powerpoint or presi slides along with information linking them (when in the audio should it change to the next slide). This would be good for universities to avoid the need for large video files when only a powerpoint and audio and information relating the two, is necessary. Decreasing the quality of a video is not a good option because it makes the slides hard to read.
  16. Spherical or cylindrical lens and lcd sensor for taking panoramic video or photos
  17. Scanners in public libraries with a preview screen built in to the scanner, that you can insert a usb stick to save the scans, without requiring a computer attached to the scanner
  18. Many speakers in roof of music quality throughout venue or club for hearing a live band or dj at even volumes (not to soft or loud) everywhere

6. Music Maker Software

Here is a sample of some Information Technology Software I have made called "Music Maker" that you can download for free and use.

Music Maker Software

Music Maker Sample Generated Mp3 (60 seconds)

Music Maker Installation (Zipped) for PC

7. Some thoughts

  1. I was a computer genius as a child, because I created nontrivial computer programs, but as an adult compared to computer specialists I am not usually the selected applicant for the job.
  2. I will never win if I compete against others. The only chance for me in paid work is if they employ me anyway, or if they employ everyone that applies for the job.
  3. Everything I do is work. Even chatting to people, it's work, because it makes people happier to have someone to chat with, or whatever happens, there is something to be learnt from it. Even buying lunch is work, because I can provide feedback on the meal and store. Even doing nothing is work, because I can provide feedback on how to meditate, or if I listen to music, I can provide feedback on the song I am listening to, and it gives me ideas to create songs.
  4. I do a lot of different things, and it helps other people because they can see what I have done and it helps them.
  5. I also sometimes hire other people to do things for me, to get input from other people; anything I do, is helpful to people, since anyone can learn from it
  6. When I have money, I am able to give people ideas for how it can be spent, or how it can be invested, so even money is work.
  7. Hopefully you can feel like you want to help me, you can see my perspective.
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